Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1977


We are living in an increasingly global, complex and interconnected world– one whose limits are constantly changing. A world of challenges and opportunities in which ULB has been playing a leading academic role for nearly 175 years.

The ongoing quest for solutions to the challenges facing humanity has always been right at the core of what we do. This outward reaching scientific research is based on creativity and encouraged by the meeting of talented people. Our research is constantly being enriched through multicultural and transdisciplinary approaches.

True to its vocation and in the face of growing international competition, ULB now needs to acquire new resources in order to bolster its long-term position as a European leader and tackle the major challenges of the 21st century.

That is why we decided to launch the ULB Foundation, a public utility foundation designed to develop and promotes ambitious research projects with a view to bringing together top scientists enabling them to engage in a dialogue and perform research together.

Driven by this same ideal of humanism tinged with pragmatism, we seek to constantly push back the boundaries of knowledge. We cannot predict what those boundaries will be in the future, but we can take firm steps to prepare for them.

Philippe Vincke - Rector, Vice-chairman of the ULB Foundation



  • Check out the website of the ULB Neuroscience Institute more...
  • PhD MD Cédric Blanpain is one of Nature's 10 people who mattered in 2012 more about his research project
  • PhD MD Pierre Vanderhaeghen identified BCL6 as a key factor for the differentiation of nerve cells of the cerebral cortex more about his research project
  • PhD Peter Eeckhout has discovered in Pachacamac (Peru) a spectacular tomb with 80 burials more about his research project
  • PhD Frédéric Bourgeois has been elected at the Royal Academy of Science of Belgium more about his research project
  • PhD M.D. Cédric Blanpain is the recipient of the International Society for Stem Cell Research Young Investigator Award 2012, more about his research project
  • PhD Pierre-Francois Coheur gives evidence of a large source of formic acid from boreal and tropical forests, more about his research project
  • PhD Cédric Govaerts receives the Forton Fund Grant for his research in Cystic Fibrosis, more about his research project
  • PhD M.D.Cédric Blanpain makes a breakthrough in breast cancer research and opens a new therapeutic way (Nature n°10525, Nature n°10573), more about his research project
  • PhD Dirk Jacobs is recipient of a European Research Council Starting Grant, more about his research project
  • PhD. Marco Dorigo has been awarded with the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence video Award 2011, more about his research project
  • PhD M.D. Pierre Vanderhaeghen receives the Francqui Prize 2011 or "the Belgian Nobel prize", more about his research project
  • PhD Sophie Van Eck receives the International Prize from the Wernaers Fund, more about her research project
  • The ULB Foundation created a Friends Circle


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